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How did this Natural Health Test come to be?

The Nutrition, Lifestyle and Anti-Aging assessment or NLA test, as we like to refer to it, was developed by nutrition, exercise and anti-aging expert Dr. James Meschino.

The idea for the test came about as a request from the readers of Dr. Meschino’s latest book entitled: The Meschino Optimal Living Program- seven steps to a health, fit, age resistant body.

Numerous requests from readers filled Dr. Meschino’s email. They were all looking for the same thing.

A way to determine a base line of their health status as it sits today-before making the seven steps to optimal living a real part of their lives. People much like yourself, who are looking to improve their overall health, but need the right plan for their personal life circumstances.

In 1991, Dr. Meschino created the original NLA. Back then it was a paper based health assessment that he would use with patients. The challenge with this version was that it would take his patients over an hour to complete and Dr. Meschino even longer, to apply the subjective measures to many of the test answers.

While the entire process produced a very accurate report, it was very time consuming which made it an expensive proposition.

As this paper based NLA could have been the perfect solution for all those writing into Dr. Meschino looking for the answer- there was no cost efficient way of making this work.

And while the end result to this story seems obvious now, it took over 3 years with a skilled team of programmers working with Dr. Meschino, to build this sophisticated health assessment into the silicon based program that you see here today.

How does this test create a personalized report just for me?

The program takes into account specific data pertaining to your age, gender, dietary patterns, signs and symptoms of nutrient deficiencies along with lifestyle factors that could be depleting you of specific nutrients (e.g. certain drugs, caffeine, alcohol etc).

From here, the report also factors in your present or recurring health conditions, family history of degenerative health conditions (i.e. breast cancer, heart disease, prostate cancer, colon cancer etc.) that you may be predisposed to developing, along with other important health indicators.

With all of this pertinent information, the program has the necessary input to provide you with a detailed report that outlines the most appropriate dietary modifications, exercise strategies and targeted nutritional supplements that will best suit your specific health needs. The report also includes an explanation as to how and why these lifestyle interventions are important considerations in your overall health management.

Best of all this report also takes into acccount any and all contra-indications to dietary and supplement recommendations. Drug-nutrient interactions are also noted, to ensure that no inappropriate or dangerous nutrition, exercise or supplementation considerations appear on your customized feedback report.

How long will it take me to complete the test?

This is a very comprehensive health assessment and will take you approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Who will see my test results?

Only you. Privacy laws dictate that we cannot share your report with anyone else. This report belongs to you and only you!

We still receive requests from people wanting us to send a copy of this report to their personal physicians. We will not. If you want your doctor to receive a copy of your report, you can simply forward an electronic copy to her/him, or take a hardcopy in the next time you have an appointment.

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